Equine Branding, Sale, and Show Packages

This section of packages is geared towards working equine professionals, equestrians who enjoy having an social media presence, and those who simply want to document every moment of their equestrian journeys.

From Barn to Personal Branding sessions to Conformation/Sale packages, I am offering to help every equine professional reach their goals through photography.

Lastly I offer event coverage for all equine disciplines for shows, clinics, inspections, and other equestrian events.

*Tax is included in the pricing for all packages. Travel included up to 30 miles from Chicago.

Barn discounts for booking multiple horses at the same barn and same date:

5% off each session for 3+ sessions.

10% off each session for 5+ sessions.

Free travel for 3+ sessions.

Barn & Branding Packages

 For property owners, trainers, equine therapists, and other equine professionals.

Equine professionals package

30-40 images split between individual portraits of one equine professional OR or small group from a single business during a 1 hour long session. Discreet watermarks.

This can be personalized to their needs whether it be candids, closeups of their work, or working/riding photos.

(High resolution images available for additional + $150.)


Basic Barn Package

30-40 photos of the facility focusing on capturing the highlights of the facility and staff at work. Discreet watermarks.

This package is ideal for a smaller facility looking to update their website and social medias.


(High resolution images available for $175)

Complete Property Package

75+ photos which can be split between the facility, working/riding photos of staff (or other riders with their consent), individualized staff portraits, candids of staff and horses, and detail shots of the property as desired. 

*Unwatermarked High Resolution images included in this package.

This package is ideal for attaining a cleaner high-end website and for social media content to show off your facility's unique brand. Black background images can be added to this package and can make great barn art showing off your prized horses at a discounted rate as an add-on.



Professional braiding is recommended depending on breed/Discipline and the type of buyer you're hoping to attract.

10% off 3+ horses - 20% off 5+ horses

Build your own sale package

BASE: $150/horse

Conformation: 20 posed conformation photos of the desired angles to impress prospective buyers (can include closeups of legs and other close ups if desired). Two tack changes are allowed.


  • Mini black background session, including 2 headshots and 1 full body portrait. $250
  • Full black background session, includes 3 headshots and 2 full body portraits. $350
  • Working/riding images (30-45 min) session including 30-40 images. $125
  • Mini Liberty (30-45 min) session including 30-40 images. $125



  • Conformation: 30 posed conformation photos of the desired angles to impress prospective buyers (can include closeups of legs and other close ups if desired). Tack changes allowed.
  • Working/riding images OR liberty session (~30 min): 30 images provided.
  • Mini black background session, including 2 headshots and 1 full body portrait.

Show & Event Photography

Whether hosting a show, clinic, inspection, or other equine event, I am happy to meet your photography needs! I offer two options: a traditional Official Photographer role selling directly to participants or to be hired by management to capture specific needs.

*Willing to donate portion of profits to charity events or by events hosted by non-profit organization.


Show/event coordinators can hire me as Official Photographer (OP). Coordinators would allow the option to sell directly to show participants and promote my work on their social media and directly to participants. This option would require the coordinators to prevent others from selling photographs taken at this event and promote my work to participants.

Price: free to facility

Travel included up to two hours from Chicago.


Event coordinators OR individual participants can hire me for a fixed rate and I provide organization a set number of images to the organization to be shared with participants and used for show management's promotion.

This package is ideal for clinics or events as an added benefit to offer participants of your event providing a set number for each participant.

Price: Varies based on needs.