Print Products

Offering paper prints, metal prints, canvases, and museum quality canvas wraps!

Pricing on my most popular sizes.

Prints will be shipped to you at your expense or pickup is available if local to Chicago.

Prices below do not include tax.

Discounts available for purchases over $1,000 and payment plans accepted.

Additional sizing, finishes/coatings, and more options available. Framing is not included.

Email for a full sizing price list.

Paper Print Packages

Mini - $50

5- 4x6

3- 5x7

1- 8x10

Basic - $150

(most popular)

10- 4x6

5- 5x7

2- 8x10


Complete - $400

15- 4x6

10- 5x7

5- 8x10

2- 16x24

Individual Print Pricing

Paper Prints

Fine Art Paper

(Gloss or matte finish available)

8x12: $100

12x18: $200

24x36: $400

Three-Dimentional Prints


Prices range on depth of wood frame (1.5” or 2.5” respectively).

*Gel coating can be applied ranging from $20-70 depending on size of canvas.

8x12: $175; $225

12x18: $250; $350

24x36: $450; $600

Metal Prints

Metal prints- vivid gloss (recommended) or matte

*Mounting options range from $10-40 (recommended if intended as hanging wall art)

8x12: $100

12x18: $200

24x36: $400

Museum Quality Canvas Wraps

Why Museum Quality?

These museum quality, handmade canvases are unlike any other canvases you have seen or felt before.

They're so thick and durable you can even clean them with Windex or water!

Each canvas comes stretched tight as a drumhead with hand painted clear acrylic brush-stroking,

a certificate of authenticity and a canvas crate for safe traveling.

Contact for sizing, frames, and customization!


o Natural Fiber Canvas Texture

o Heavy, Solid Wood Frames


o Stripped and Bonded from Print to Canvas

o Canvas Texture is Smoothed Under Faces

o Stretched by Hand, Tight as a Drumhead

o Wrap Corners Always Folded, Never Cut

o Clear Acrylic Brush-stroking Painted by Hand


o Several Coats of Lacquer for Added Protection

o Custom Wood Crate for Safe Keeping and Travel

o Easy to Clean with Windex or Water


o No Sizing Limit on Long Edge

o Certificate of Authenticity on Every Canvas

How museum quality canvas wraps are made.