Natural Equine Portraits

Natural portraits are wonderful for capturing the posed and also the candid moments between you and your equine partner. Natural portraits are a great way to document your bond with your horse or be a styled session showing off your horse's good looks and your favorite outfit. Or capture your horses galloping in a pasture or doing liberty work with the Liberty package.

Looking for more polished portraits or riding photos? Check out the Black & White Background and Branding, Sale, and Show sections for those packages! Discounts are available for booking multiple sessions the same day or for multiple clients the same day at the same barn.

*Tax is included in the pricing for all packages. Travel included up to 30 miles from Chicago.

Barn discounts for booking multiple horses at the same barn and same date:

5% off each session for 3+ sessions.

10% off each session for 5+ sessions.

Free travel for 3+ sessions.

Natural Portraits, Liberty, and Riding

Horse and rider portrait

50 natural portraits split between headshots, full body, and candids of your horse or horse & rider portraits.

Up to two horses included (addition of $50 per additional horse). Additional pets welcome. Up to 2 outfit / tack changes allowed. 

Access to any items from my Equine Client Closet (except for Christmas wreaths).

$50 print credit.


+ Add Gold/silver leaf or glitter for $50 fee. (Seasonal)

Looking for inspiration on your portrait session?

You could dress your horse in your newest matching tack set and have them professionally braided. Or you could wear a flowy dress for some golden hour portraits. Your session could consist entirely of portraits and candid moments of your horse if you choose. Or it could celebrate your recent marriage or graduation, or involve your children with your horses. You can really make natural portrait sessions your own!


75+ images in total split between group and individual photos (depending on package) including action shots and candid portraits. Liberty sessions require a safe fenced area for your horses to safely run and play.

Additional fee of $50 per additional horse. 

Two options to choose from:

  1. Group: one hour including up to 6 horses in a group.
  2. Individual: 15 minute individual sessions for up to 4 horses.

$50 print credit.




1 hour long session including one horse/rider pair. Includes 50-75 images including riding/working shots and candid images if desired. Media formatted images.


Group (minimum 3 riders)

All edited images of the photographer's choice are provided to each participant, guaranteeing each rider 40+ images. Approximately one hour is allocated for every three riders. Media formatted images.

$150 per horse/rider pair