Equine Model Calls

Contact me if you may be eligible

Open Equine Model Calls and Discounted Sessions

I am potentially looking for individuals interested in modeling for photos to be used on my website and social media for promotions. Must be located within 1.5 hours of Chicago. (Anything over, I will charge a travel fee). Horses must be well behaved on the ground and a handler must be present for the session.

You will receive a select number of digital media sized images FREE of cost and be able to purchase additional photos from the shoot (and the opportunity to purchase additional images or prints). I will only ask that you follow me on social media and tag me in photos you repost!

You may also receive a discount on future shoots with me within the year and anyone at your facility will get a discounted session if on the same day as model call photoshoot.

Here are the following 'models' I am looking for.

Please reach out if you may apply to the requirements!

1. Hunter/Jumper Horses (1-2 if multiple at one barn). Riding photos included, and potentially 1 black or white background portrait (depending on the horse and if willing to hire a professional braider).

My preferences:

  • Any color and breed welcome. Flashy colors, rare colors, and chrome are preferred.
  • Clean, high end tack. Matching tack is a plus.
  • Jumping at least 3'6.
  • Clean, well maintained facility with outdoor arena or well-lit indoor. Decently clean or well matched jumps are a plus.

2. Higher level dressage horses and riders (preference 1-2 for at a single barn). Riding photos; 10+ per rider/horse.

My preferences:

  • Any color and breed welcome, but preference for Warmbloods, Iberian Breeds, and Friesians.
  • Clean, high end tack. Matching tack is a plus.
  • Upper level movements. 3rd level+. Ability to perform solid flying changes, side pass, canter pirouette, passage, and tempi-changes are a huge plus!
  • Clean, well maintained facility with outdoor arena or well-lit indoor.

3. Equine wedding portraits (1-2 couples). Would be portraits on the ground of you and your spouse in your wedding attire with your horse(s), and ideally mounted (riding not required). Could also be at your actual wedding if horses are involved.

My preferences:

  • Must dress up for wedding (hair and makeup does not need to be professional).
  • Any color, breed, and discipline welcome.
  • Clean, tack whether that be a halter, bridle, saddled, etc.
  • Location with scenic background or well-kept facility.
  • Other animals are welcome as well if well behaved.
  • LGBTQ+ couples welcome and encouraged.

*Include description of wedding attire in inquiry, riding discipline, and other relevant information.

4. Liberty/trick horse and rider for a bareback shoot. Portraits of horse doing tricks, bareback riding (and bridleless ideally), and other special skills.

(Must know multiple tricks for completely FREE shoot; others will be discounted depending on your fit to my preferences.)

My preferences:

  • Any color and breed welcome. Multiple horses might be allowed for working liberty teams, roman riding, etc.
  • Tricks preferred are a classical rear (with or without rider), bow, lie down, and/or Spanish walk.
  • Clean, well maintained facility with arena or safe and scenic natural environment. Or willing to haul to a picturesque location.
  • Rider must be comfortable bareback. Bridleless is a plus.

Discounted portrait sessions for stylized rare horse breeds, colors, and characteristics


5. Rare breeds, colors, and/or characteristics used for black background portraits, white background portraits, painted background portraits or natural background (dependent on location and the horse). Potential for rider portraits as well given location and "model" attire available.


  • Show ready preparation (which may include professional braiding depending on the horse).
  • Clean, well maintained facility and/or scenic natural environment.
  • Well cleaned high end tack or breed specific tack.
  • Horses must be well trained and mannered. Must be able to stand square with a halter or bridle in hand without corrective aids (such as stud chains, etc.).

Preferences for rare breeds/colors/characteristics:

  • Unique colors such as rare painted markings, flashy colors with dapples, true white.
  • Rare breeds or older breeds sporting full traditional attire. (For example. purebred Arabian in traditional decorative attire or a draft in medieval tack.)
  • Other unique characteristics include horses with extremely long and well-kept manes (i.e. Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Andalusian, etc.), blue eyes with a unique coat, etc.

Contact me if you are interested and apply!

Please specify which model call opportunity you are interested in and relevant information (location, details about yourself (and horse), type of facility, etc..).

Descriptions from above.

Please describe yourself, your horse(s), and facility. (Wedding attire, horse's tricks, etc. if applies). Any other questions or comments.

Please list a general or specific location (ex. Town barn is located, or even Barn Name if comfortable)

Instagram, barn Instagram or Facebook.